Lynwood Unified Fosters Love of Math Among Young Learners with Annual Mathathon

This month, Lynwood Unified held its annual Mathathon competition for third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students across its 12 elementary schools, challenging the young scholars to go head-to-head in a show of mathematical skill in front of an animated crowd of families, cheering staff and dancing mascots.

The Mathathon is a special District tradition that galvanizes families, inspires school spirit and fosters a love of math among Lynwood’s young learners.

The first event, for third- and fourth-graders, was on March 8 and the second event, for fifth- and sixth-graders, was on March 15. Both were held in the Firebaugh High School gymnasium. The winners were:

3rd Grade:

  • 1st Place - Abbott
  • 2nd Place - Mark Twain
  • 3rd Place - Marshall

4th Grade:

  • 1st Place - Lindbergh
  • 2nd Place - Lincoln
  • 3rd Place - Mark Twain

5th Grade:

  • 1st Place - Helen Keller
  • 2nd Place - Abbott
  • 3rd Place - Wilson

6th Grade:

  • 1st Place - Abbott
  • 2nd Place - Mark Twain
  • 3rd Place - Lindbergh

See more photos on the Lynwood Unified Facebook page.