Measure K&N: District Campuses Benefit from Continuous Facility Improvements

Lynwood Unified School District is dedicated to providing students with safe and nurturing learning environments and has continued updating and modernizing facilities across the District, enhancing learning opportunities that support students and their academic goals.

District leaders and contracting partners have remained steadfast in addressing facilities concerns while staying within the Measure K & N budgets, which have been used for more than a decade to fund safety and beautification projects across Lynwood schools. 

Lynwood Unified periodically holds meetings to determine which projects hold the highest priority. Below are the current projects.

All Campuses

  • Roofing repairs and re-sealing: The current contractor has been approved to begin assessing roofs, identifying concerns and drafting estimates for repair.

Lynwood High School Bullis Campus

  • Shading structures: Contractors have drafted an estimate which will be presented to the Board of Education and the Superintendent in the coming weeks.
  • Elevator repair: Contractors have been approved and the project is moving forward.

Cesar Chavez Middle School

  • Auditory enhancements at the CCMS Gymnasium: Contractors are awaiting approval to move forward with inspections and diagnostics.

The District remains committed to addressing facilities and updates across all campuses to ensure students learn and grow in a safe environment as they progress in their academic journeys at Lynwood Unified.