VIDEO: Lynwood Unified Empowers Girls to Explore and Pursue STEM Careers

Lynwood Unified is proud to ignite in our female students the passion to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers and is committed to increasing the representation of women in these fields by offering an abundance of academic opportunities to explore at every grade level.

As part of the District's annual Girl STEM Conference – which provides elementary and middle school students with an inside look into the limitless pathways that a STEM career provides – Lynwood Unified showcases the stories of remarkable alumni who have soared beyond the classroom to become STEM trailblazers.

The conference highlights the District’s commitment to unlocking pathways to success for students regardless of their gender. Through discovering the world of STEM, Lynwood Unified’s young learners are equipped to build their dreams into reality.

Current STEM offerings include robotics, computer science, medicine and more, with a team of dedicated educators nurturing the potential of each student and providing them with the tools to flourish.

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