Lynwood Unified Welcomes Students to Second Week of School

After an unexpected summer rainstorm that impacted the Southland over the weekend, Lynwood Unified schools were back in session on Monday, Aug. 21, welcoming students and staff to the classroom for the second week of school and ensuring continued safe learning for all.

To ensure schools were safe and operational for students and staff, whose safety is always the No. 1 priority, the District’s Maintenance and Operations staff worked late Friday and Saturday to patch any potential leaky roofs. 

Prior to students’ arrival on Monday, Campus Safety and morning custodial teams surveyed all campuses for potential issues starting at 6 a.m. and maintenance teams were pre-assigned to school sites to address any issues found.

Instruction continued as usual, with students learning from their dedicated teachers and indoor activities taking place while the fields and surfaces dried up.

We want to thank our staff for ensuring the continued safety of our students and thank families for their continued trust, patience and support as we navigated the storm together.